To be Followed Web Design

Your website should represent your company and invite the world to use your services in the blink of an eye. This is the goal of great web design. It immediately tells your visitors who you are and compels them to take a specific action.But what actually makes web design great? It’s more than just a pretty color scheme and flashy graphics, right?

Today, when your customers look for you online, they have certain expectations. And failing to meet their standards, could mean the difference between a successful website that returns money to your bottom line… or an ineffective and expensive digital billboard.

Perhaps the single most important quality of a well designed website is its ability to respond to mobile devices. Remember, the goal of your website is to communicate your values and inspire action from your visitors. This is almost impossible to do if your website won’t accommodate the device your new customers are using.

To help you get your message across, we’ll work with you to create a website that is 100% mobile-optimized. This means, no matter which device your customers look for you on, your website will adjust to fit their screen.

But your website is not a standalone thing. When you put yourself on the web, every component—and especially your website—should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Everything from your site’s look and feel down to the call to action should have a single, unified voice.

This is the essence of what makes a website great. It doesn’t just look superb across all devices— it also supports and fulfills your overarching business goals.

Here at To Be Followed, we won’t just build you an outstanding website. We believe in designing successful Web Strategies. This means we help you decide how your new website will tie in with your social media message and business strategies.

We’ll work with you to develop a strong, effective call to action. What do you need visitors to do when they view your site? Make a purchase? Send you an email? Follow you on Facebook? With the end goal in mind, we can then help you put systems in place to drive traffic to your site.

After all, a well designed website is only the first step to growing your business online. Once you’re up and running your next obstacle becomes traffic. We can help you gain the exposure you need to create buzz and build a following online.